Road Resurfacing Dashboard

The Atlanta Department of Transportation has developed a Road Resurfacing Dashboard, to provide information regarding the most recent resurfacing dates of city streets. This dashboard will be vital in ensuring the highest quality of roadway maintenance and restoration.

The information below is to be used for preliminary planning purposes only.  As such, the City cannot guarantee the information’s accuracy, completeness, or that it is fully up-to-date, and assumes no responsibility or liability where the definitive resurfacing date or other information differs from what is displayed here.  Once a completed permit application has been submitted, a representative will inform the applicant of the definitive resurfacing date of the work location.  If no resurfacing information is available here for the work location, it should be assumed that the road was resurfaced over 7 years ago.  Please see the road restoration requirements per City Code Section 138-69 

Search the map below for the location where work is taking place.