The Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT) is charged with maintaining and upgrading more than 4,500 lane miles within the city of Atlanta.  This includes paving, resurfacing, patching, and striping to ensure that all users can safely access and traverse city roadways.

Each year, thousands of roadway-related service requests are reported to the city’s ATL 3-1-1 customer service portal. Requests to repair “potholes” that disrupt travel and endanger the lives of drivers and riders are among the highest. A "pothole" is a roadway defect caused by natural occurrences, such as warm climates and subsurface failures. Learn more about potholes vs. other roadway defects here.

In 2021, nearly 4,000 potholes were repaired throughout the city of Atlanta.

The City of Atlanta “Pothole Posse” has been revived to address the need for quick pothole repairs that improve roadway safety.

ATLDOT Pothole Posse Fact Sheet (English)

ATLDOT Pothole Posse Fact Sheet (Spanish)

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