Administered by Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT), Vision Zero is a systems-based approach to eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries through safer street design, speed management, and other proven strategies. The One Atlanta Strategic Transportation Plan envisions a safe, welcoming and inclusive city committed to ending traffic deaths through an improved understanding of city streets using data analysis and intentional strategies. In April 2020, the City of Atlanta solidified this commitment by passing the Vision Zero ordinance, 20-O-1239, requiring a Vision Zero Action Plan and authorizing a 25 mph default speed limit on many city streets. In Fall 2020, Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) announced that it would be awarding funds to the City of Atlanta through its Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to create a Vision Zero Action Plan.

As a part of its Vision Zero efforts, ATLDOT will prioritize the needs of the city’s most vulnerable roadway users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, children, older adults, and especially those communities in greatest need. Centering equity in all facets of this program will be an integral and intentionally inclusive aspect of Vision Zero Atlanta. This equity framework will be used to identify opportunities for tailored engagement throughout our Vision Zero work and will be encompassed in ATLDOT’s project prioritization. 

Vision Zero Initiatives

Vision Zero and safer streets

Action Plan for Safer Streets

Action Plan for Safer Streets (APSS) is a $5 million plan to bring accelerated safety redesigns to Atlanta’s streets. As part of the plan, more than 20 city corridors have been identified for rapid implementation changes to improve safety for people who walk, drive, take transit, ride a bike or e-scooter.

Tactical urbanism

Tactical Urbanism

Tactical urbanism is a low-cost, temporary strategy for changing our streets and public spaces, while advancing longer-term goals related to safety and better design. In collaboration with the Department of City Planning, Atlanta Department of Transportation has developed a guide and process to allow communities to lead these design changes on their neighborhood streets.

Programs & Initiatives