Flashing Signals

The City of Atlanta Street Light Shop and Transportation Communication Center (TCC), both a part of the Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT), manage all issues related to flashing signals—malfunction caused by inclement weather, downed power lines, etc.  

Currently, the ATLDOT oversees operation of approximately 400 signals, 127 school flashers and all pedestrian hybrid beacons (PHB). New signals included in Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) projects are added to the city’s operation once GDOT construction and improvements are completed.  

New Signal Review

Transportation Management Operation and Signal Timing Engineers participate in design review of new and/or upgraded signals.

Piedmont Ave at 10th St Pedestrian Scramble Pilot

ATLDOT conducted a pedestrian scramble (diagonal crossing) pilot project at the intersection of 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue. Use the link below to review a summary of the pilot project.

Piedmont Ave at 10th St Pedestrian Scramble Pilot

Report an issue

Report a traffic signal related issue.

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