What is Tactical Urbanism? Tactical urbanism is a low-cost, short-term approach designed to change the overall use and feel of streets and public spaces. These small-scale projects are often used to advance longer-term goals related to street safety and the design of public spaces. Tactical urbanism is temporary in nature, using tactical materials while demonstrating the potential of long-term change. This guide and process has been created to allow communities to lead, fund and implement design changes on their neighborhood streets through project review and approval with the city.

Getting Started – If your community is interested in implementing tactical urbanism, first, review the Tactical Urbanism Guide to get a good idea of allowable project types and where they can be implemented, as well as process requirements. After you have reviewed the guide, meet with your community to identify potential projects and funding mechanisms. Once projects and funding has been identified by your community, you will need to create a site plan.  Please be sure that your designs conform with the design criteria provided in the guide. Once you have your community-approved site plans and all other supporting documentation as stated in the guide, you are ready to submit your application! If you should have any questions about the process or design ideas, you may send an email to TransportationPlanReview@AtlantaGa.Gov .

Project and funding ideas:

· An example of a recent project approved by the City of Atlanta is the 10th Street pop-up bike lane.

· If your community falls within a Community of Concern, the city may be able to provide limited technical/design assistance and possibly loan certain materials (i.e. barricades) to the project.

· The Department of City Planning’s Placemaking Program provides funding for communities to reimagine their streets and public spaces through a separate application process.

TU Project Installations

· Boulevard Granada Tactical Walk Lane: In 2022, ATLDOT and Pillyr Foundation were awarded funds from Bloomberg Philanthropies to install an artistic tactical walk lane along Boulevard Granada, a street that had no sidewalks and wide travel lanes that encourage speeding. Check out the story map to learn more about the project.

Public Engagement Session: Boulevard Granada Tactical Walk Lane, Tuesday, August 8

Tactical Urbanism

See guide below to see if your community is within one of the priority VZ Equity Areas.

    Tactical Urbanism