Decorative Sidewalk Permit

Applying for a decorative sidewalk permit

The City maintains standards for Sidewalk construction within the City’s public right-of-way. The intent of these standards is to ensure that Sidewalks are constructed in a safe, cost effective, and easily repairable manner. Certain historic or special districts within the City may have additional requirements for brick Sidewalks, extra width Sidewalks, or other details.

If a Person desires to construct a Sidewalk in the City’s public right-of-way abutting that Person’s property that is to be constructed from unusual or exotic material, is to be of a non-standard design or construction, will vary from the requirements of an applicable historic or special district, or otherwise will be special or unique, a SpecialAgreement (Decorative Sidewalk Agreement) is required. Civic improvement groups or other entities wishing to construct decorative Sidewalks.

    Where to apply

    You can now apply online for non-franchise right-of-way permits.

    Apply for a decorative sidewalk permit