Light Up The Night

Partnership for Lighting Upgrades: The City of Atlanta, in partnership with Georgia Power, will install and upgrade 20,000 light fixtures in 2024 across the city to enhance public safety and community well-being.

Progress and Planning: To date, nearly 15,000 locations have been identified for these upgrades. The selection of these locations was informed by data and analytics from the Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT)  which helped prioritize the upgrades based on traffic patterns, pedestrian movement, and incident data.

Technology and Data for Safer Communities: The initiative underscores the importance of using technology and data to address and mitigate issues that arise from poorly lit roadways and neighborhoods. By leveraging these tools, communities can be made safer.

Initial Success of Light Up the Night: The Light Up the Night (LUTN) initiative has demonstrated the effectiveness of using spatial data and community input to strategically identify areas in need of improved lighting and smart technologies. This includes not just roadways but also parks, recreational areas, and senior centers.

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