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Mayor Dickens Presents Strategic Delivery Plan for $750M Moving Atlanta Forward Infrastructure Program

October 4, 2022

ATLANTA — Mayor Andre Dickens’ Administration is pressing ahead to deliver the $750 million in vital infrastructure projects that voters approved in May. In a Strategic Delivery Plan delivered to the Atlanta City Council, the Dickens Administration has laid out its plan to deliver the projects under the Moving Atlanta Forward infrastructure program made up of $350 million in TSPLOST funds and $400 million from two bonds.

“We are ready to Move Atlanta Forward through these historic infrastructure investments,” said Mayor Dickens. “These game-changing investments in transportation, greenspaces and public safety will help us ensure that Atlanta is a city built for the future. Our Strategic Delivery Plan spells out our commitment to deliver these projects as we have promised.”

The Moving Atlanta Forward infrastructure package includes $460 million in transportation investments including $196.5 million for sidewalks and trails, $108 million for safe streets projects and protected bike lanes and $32 million for street repairs. The program also invest $72.8 million in recreation centers and pools across the city, $64.6 million for park improvements and $15 million for the arts. Supporting public safety, the program invests $69.3 million in police and fare station facilities, $15 million for the 911 call center and $8 million for the Center for Diversion and Services.

The Strategic Delivery Plan lays out how the City will activate the projects across multiple departments, including the monitoring and control measures the City will use to ensure the projects adhere to the baseline schedule, budget and project scope. The Plan also provides a project prioritization methodology and lays out how a master schedule will be used to manage these infrastructure improvements across multiple departments as one program.

“Atlanta voters have placed their trust in the City to deliver, and we are committed to doing so in a timely, transparent and high-quality manner,” Mayor Dickens added.

Read the full Strategic Delivery Plan, as submitted to the Atlanta City Council, here.

View the full list of projects included in the Moving Atlanta Forward infrastructure plan here.

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