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Coffee with the Commish April 16th

April 16, 2021

The City of Atlanta Department of Transportation Commissioner Josh Rowan engages in a monthly live chat termed “Coffee With the Commish.” This informal format provides ATLDOT with valuable information that help to create a safer, more equitable and more sustainable transportation network.

ATLDOTis committed to providing mobility options that are reliable and meet the needs of the people we serve.  Hence, these monthly chats taking place across our city are designed to allow us the opportunity to hear from you, and for you to get to know us, and learn about the work we do.

AtATLDOT has created a team of extraordinarily talented individuals committed to our city and its future. The information we gather from within communities across the city not only guides our work, but also ensures transparency and accountability. This partnership with the people who live here is enabling us in achieving our goal to make every zip code in our city safer and more livable.

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