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Atlanta Department of Transportation Celebrates Biketober with New Bike Parking Inventory App

October 20, 2023

Atlanta, Georgia – Calling all cyclists and micromobility users! The Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT) is celebrating Biketober this year with the launch of a digital application focused on enhancing bike parking around the city.

ATLDOT has developed “ATL Rack ‘n Ride,” a new bicycle parking application that will create an inventory of existing bike racks, while also allowing the public and partner organizations to suggest potential locations for bike rack installations throughout the city. The app works on desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets – making it convenient for anyone to note current rack locations on-the-go or enter known multimodal hubs in need of more bike parking. Users can also upload pictures and provide additional comments or feedback.  

“Reliablebike parking is essential to support cycling as a mode of transportation, promote safety and theft prevention by adding more secure racks, and help eliminate a significant barrier for micromobility trips,” Ashley Finch, ATLDOT’s Shared Micromobility Coordinator said. “ATL Rack ‘n Ride data will be invaluable in asset management andplanning future bike rack installations in the City of Atlanta.”

The database of existing bike racks can serve as a public resource for those looking for bike parking in Atlanta. In addition, the suggested bike parking locations will help ATLDOT better understand where racks are needed and determine where to allocate resources to expand bike parking throughout the city.

“Easily accessible and available bike parking will help create the multimodal and cycle-friendly city that Atlanta’s residents, visitors, and workers are seeking,” said ATLDOT Commissioner Solomon Caviness. “This inventory, along with numerous infrastructure improvements planned across the city, will support more first/last-mile connections being made by bike[SB1] .”

Get your “Biketober” rolling and check out the new ATL Rack ‘n Ride app today at: Bike Parking Inventory Application

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