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City of Atlanta Launches Online Permitting Application for Convenient Residential Parking

July 20, 2022

Atlanta residents can now apply for and receive neighborhood parking permits through the City of Atlanta’s new online residential parking portal.

 Administered by the Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT) and enforced by ATLPlus, the ePermitting Restricted Parking Permit (RPP) Program helps to ensure adequate on-street parking for the city’s residents and visitors, ease parking congestion in residential neighborhoods, and balance the needs of everyone using public streets.

 “We have been up and running for six months and the response has been overwhelmingly positive,” said ATLDOT Parking Services Director Calvin Watts. “There have been a few glitches, but no one has been immobilized, towed, or paid a fine in error since the RPP was launched in February. We are pleased that our customer service team has been able to resolve every erroneous ticket and excited to see the technology working as intended.”

 The ePermitting portal verifies permits through a license plate recognition (LPR) system, eliminating the need for parking decals and handwritten guest passes. Permits can be issued upon completion of online application and payment, with no need to mail application fees and decals to or from the City.

 Currently, there are 16 neighborhood parking districts within the City of Atlanta allowing parking on public right of way with valid, non-expired permits. Approved permit applicants must adhere to the guidelines established per City Code, 21-O-0474.

 Each valid address within the established parking districts is eligible for one (1) or two (2) permits, based on current access to off-street parking. Permits are available through the portal for$20.00 each. Click here to apply


PLEASE NOTE: The LPR (license plate recognition) system which enforces residential parking does not recognize the letter “O” in license plate numbers entered for parking applications.  To ensure that vehicle license plates are properly read and recognized for permitting, enter “zeros” for every “O” in plate numbers when submitting your online application. For example, a personal license plate reading “HORIZON” should be entered as “H0RIZ0N.” This will eliminate potential erroneous citations issued to residents and their guests. Double checking that each plate number is entered accurately can also help avoid citations.  


For information related to parking citations issued by the ATLPlus, please call (404) 201-5396 or visit www.ATLPlusMobility.com.

 Learn more about the ePermitting Restricted Parking Permit (RPP) Program on the ATLDOT website.

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